S.C. PRODIMA S.R.L. got incorporated in 1994 and carries out its activity in the field of mechanical processing. The company took an ascending trend in its economic development. Its corporate equity is fully private. From 3 employees in 1994, at present we arrived to 150, who carry out their activity on a 6000 square metre manufacturing site.

The services in the field of mechanical machining by splintering range between CNC turning, milling and boring to welded constructions, complex material bending operations, including mounting and packing. The modern CNC machines can work both the finest details and very large surfaces, all of them highly qualitative.

The greatest part of the production obtained (more than 80 % of the turnover) goes to export. The first exporting activities began in 1998 and nowadays they are for consumers of rollers and conveying parts, component parts for mechanicals saws, frames, hoist flanges, cases for pneumatic hammers and component parts for machine-tools.

In 2002, the company implemented and certified the ISO 9001 product quality assurance system. All the products are individually measured and checked up before being handed over to the client.

These past few years, Prodima extended its range of services : thus, we are also active in the field of welded constructions and industrial hall constructions. We constantly perfect our products and make sure that they are competitive in order to be able to preserve the position gained on the market. Furthermore, we try to cover new market segments where we could diversify our range of products, in order to provide the same with a superior quality as compared to the competitors’ offers.

Our products have applications in most various fields, both nationally and internationally :