The manufacturing process begins by cutting and sizing the material. PRODIMA purchases the material under the form of metal sheets, bars, pipes and profiles, as it has optimal solutions for cutting and sizing for a wide range of thicknesses and sizes of the materials existing on the market.

Bar cutting is made by means of automatic or semiautomatic tape machines, capable of cutting 350 mm thick metal bars. Sizing the material under the form of metal sheet is carried out by cutting machines based on oxy gas or plasma. These machines are computer-assisted for running and perfectly reproduce shapes according to the designers’ digital documents, thus eliminating the need of adjacent sheet interpretations, which would considerably increase the execution time. These machines can cut very large sizes of material (1200mm / 2500mm) at a thickness of up to 250 mm.

The cutting machines represent an advantage for the quick and safe manufacture of such large parts as those for mining machines.