Welding, bending, sand-blasting and dyeing


High precision industrial machines subassembly manufacture supposes demanding welding works and accurate material fashioning. PRODIMA carries out its activity in a town with a historical tradition in metal fashioning and machine constructions and we are proud of being able to make both top-rated unique parts and products for the series manufacturing line.

Having expertise masters in the field of welding and splintering machining, we are able to make highly complex parts.

The battery of argon welding devices and bending presses render this company a strong competitor on the market of series and unique part production. Up to 3000 mm NC bending presses with a 160 ton force uphold the manufacture of a wide range of parts with large sizes and exact complex shapes from thick metal sheets, used in the basic structures of the industrial machines. Accurate welds make the assemblies safe and time-resistant.